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The FarmBoy hit the big time!  Read the article in the Michigan Country Lines . The FarmBoy is amazed at all the orders coming in for my FarmBoyTortillaChips!  New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Arizona, Texas, Indiana, California...the list is growing faster than my crops!  Tell me how you found FarmBoy (text,tweet, email , facebook) and this will help ME help more folks discover that irresistable heirloom corn flavor! 

Whats New

Farmboy John was at the What's Cooking Detroit held at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Saturday, April 21st from 12 noon to 7 pm.  Did you taste his mouth watering gluten free cookies and baking delights?  Did you know the secret phrase?
JOHN IS NOW A "PERSONALITY" at What's Cooking Detroit!  Check it out:  JOHN
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Chips at family gatherings during the seasonal holidays are a natural!  Be sure to stock up on all varieties and grab some salsa for good eats! Click HERE for an awesome salsa recipe and casserole.  Email John with your favorite recipe using any of his products so we can share them with others.  Thanks!

Welcome to FarmBoyFlapJacks and FarmboyTortillaChips!


Why should you BUY MY CHIPS?  There is something to be said for patience and tradition.  From the seeds to the sower, from the harverst to your home, you can be certain only the finest ingredients will become FarmBoyFlapJacks products. 

Let our testimonials speak for us:   "I would just like to say that I just opened a bag of your garlic tortilla chips from Foods For Living-East Lansing. First bite, I was amazed at how much flavor and deliciousness was packed into one chip! Thank you for such an amazing product."  Pat O. of MSU.
Simmons Family Farms was founded in 1854 by settlers George and Mary Simmons. The farm is now operated by the 5th and 6th generations of the Simmons family who live and work on the farm. We are proud of our goal to bring you the finest, most wholesome foods we can produce.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Simmons Family Farms: Certified organic since 1996

Why do we only use Heirloom Corn?
Open pollinated or "heirloom" corn is the kind of corn your great grandpa grew, or at least it's the kind that my great grandpa grew.  When compared to various types of modern hybrid corn, heirloom corn tests higher in nutrition - and most people agree that it tests higher in flavor as well!  You are not likely to find heirloom corn in most on-the-shelf products as it is difficult to grow, and yields less than hybrid varieties.  We use it because it tastes better and is better for you!

To purchase these temptingly delicious treats just use the Click to Purchase link under the picture or grab a cart (click on the view cart icon) to see our entire product line. 

I personally guarantee my products.  Email me with any comments, questions, or how to get my stuff!  


Here is our current product line.
 Cookie Mixes  Baking Mixes
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 Organic tortilla chips: Garlic, Celtic, Lime, Jalapeno..

Check out our fine ingredients in our products on the other pages!  If you have any questions about our ingredients or have questions about placing an order, please 
Click_Here.png   and we will be happy to help you.
Member of NBABA in North Branch, Michigan


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