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The FarmBoy is amazed at all the orders coming in for my FarmBoyTortillaChips!  New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Arizona, Texas, Indiana, California...the list is growing faster than my crops!  Tell me how you found FarmBoy (text,tweet, email , facebook) and this will help ME help more folks discover that irresistable heirloom corn flavor!  Soon you can share your photo of you and your fave for a new page FarmBoy Field of FotoFans coming soon!

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Chips at family gatherings during the seasonal holidays are a natural!  Be sure to stock up on all varieties and grab some salsa for good eats! Click HERE for an awesome salsa recipe and casserole.  Email John with your favorite recipe using any of his products so we can share them with others.  Thanks!

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JohnnyCake 12oz Cornbread Mix
JohnnyCake 12oz Cornbread Mix

This mix is made with heirloom corn for flavor you wonít find anywhere else! Perfect with chili and other fiery foods. Some like it sweet!
    Sku: RMJB12-2085 Browse Category: Cornbread Mixes
Kitchen 12oz Cornbread Mix
Kitchen 12oz Cornbread Mix

This mix is made with heirloom corn for unbeatable flavor. Like the sweeter mix, this mix works as a perfect "quick bread" type base for additional flavors like pumpkin, banana, and apple. Letís make a pot of Chili!
    Sku: RMKB12-2092 Browse Category: Cornbread Mixes
Displaying 1-2 of 2 Found.
March 5, 2012
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